Industrial Living space

Industrial Living space
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Thursday, March 29, 2018

15 Of The Most Beautiful Industrial Style Bedrooms One Could Imagine

15 Of The Most Beautiful Industrial Style Bedrooms One Could Imagine

fifteen of the most stylish bedroom designs

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Good morning my beautiful friends, family and interior design decor community. I hope that you were able to roll yourself out of your comfortable bed, put on some clean clothes, make the most perfect cup of coffee and are you are ready to start the day fresh and well aware of who you are, what you want, your surroundings and how to make your dream home a possibility! A lot of times we believe that our home environment is different from our personality or lifestyle as a whole, though i would beg to differ. The location of where we live in, either that be a city center or rural makes us who we are. A city person would not appreciate the beautiful mountain view each and every day, just like a country person may quickly become overwhelmed by the tall buildings and groups of happy people shopping their way though the town. Where we live is our lifestyle. We each have our own individual dreams, goals, and yummy ideas. Though how do we create these laddish dreams and lifestyles? What did we see while growing up, being an adult that convinced us that this is the style that we want? Where does the motivation, the passion and love come form? How did we get this far into our goals? Point of views! Here, Listed below are today's 15 most beautiful bedroom designs that I have found for us today. The point and goal of this blog is to aid new home owners, renters, landlords or house flippers in finding ideas and products to make the dream that is inside of their head a reality. Each of these homes are not only real, but are possible in your own life. I hope that these homes find you, your partner or your family in the most opens minded and ready time of your life. You can not only make your interior design dreams a reality, but do it so today! 

Vaulted rooms are always a yes. 

Hardwood floors with a large floor to ceiling window with a beach and ocean view

White, black and light shades of brown go together in this wide and open bedroom

Dark hardwood flooring with a city center view and shades of grey, black and white mix in perfectly well here. 

Brown, tan and a white modern bedroom with a tile flooring brings this earth tone bedroom into perspective and motivation. 

A truly industrial look and feel with a grey, silvers, golds and reds. This is the type and style of a bedroom that I wish and hope for. A beautifully city center feel and lifestyle choice. 

Large and tall ceilings with a white, cream and brown tones mix this beautifully crafted home into a dream come true. 

The red and blacks with a warm brown carpet on the floor leave this room feeling homey yet modern. 

Large ocean front views, vaulted ceilings with hardwood flooring give life to the indoors. 

Often times when we think about designing our new bedroom or interior decor designs we believe the room has to be white, or grey. Here we see an image documenting a room that is filled with blue hues. Time to get creative! 

Beautifully grey and brown decor with multiple light fixtures hanging from the ceilings. Look at that city view! 

A beautifully crafted lower floor ground bedroom with a large ocean view

Brown and tan bedroom with large windows and a yellow lighting structure on hardwood floors

Modern and industrial bedroom with large floor to ceiling windows and furniture set up

Beautifully designed bedroom with multiple colors that are rarely seen in a modern home are done so amazingly in this bedroom design. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

16 Industrial Modern Style At Home Office Spaces That Will Make Your Mouth Water

16 Of The Most Beautiful Modern And Industrial Interior Designs 

fifty interior decor designs and ideas that will motivate you

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Good day my beautiful friends and family. People from all walks of life find my blog in the most unique of circumstances. Some of you LOVE home design and search the blogs for a hobby, some of you have life long goals that match up with design of multiple types and some of you have just purchased you first home and would like ideas. Better yet, some of you even work in the home design industry! I usually save this blog for products that can fill your home environment with love, joy, and hope. This blog is a tool that can be used to find information and styles that will aid you in creating your dream room, bedroom, office, kitchen, or guest bedroom for yourself or for your clients. If you are a home buyers, often times, before we purchase our first home, our 5th or move into a new apartment we have an idea of what we want our homes and lives to look like, feel like, dream life, the uses of each and every corner and square foot of space that the walls hold. Though what if we all of the sudden become over whelmed with all of the options, all of the days products are too many, too bright, to  beautiful and our idea's get meshed into a huge pile to the point that we have no idea what we wanted our rooms to look like in the first place! Below is a list of 50 industrial interior designs to help you get back on track to fulfill your dreams of your new bedroom. I hope this finds you well, that you are able to make your dreams come true and are motivated to keep going, to keep working on loving your own home life.


1. A chair seat doesn't always have to be a color that matches the room, the chair seat can be purple when fit right

2. Table can be used as a storage space for small items

3. Floor to ceiling windows bring in light so that they is no need for large or overhead lamps that tkae up space and leave the room feeling crowded

4. Silver and grey work hand in hand that allow other splashes of color such as green plants, red shoes, brown table and purple chair seating arrangements. 


1. Attic space can bring a sense of peace and quite, you are alone from the chaos of the downstairs living environment
2. At home office space is mandatory for work, forget to file some paper work at the day job? Need to file taxes? Medical bills? Future plans? Your home office space will lend you a place where the important paper work is kept safe and known
3. Wood comes in multiple colors, styles, textures and imaged above proves it can all work together in a bright lit setting
4. Having the office desk located at the end of the room near a wall guarantees less distractions from the outside world. 


1. Contrary to popular belief, no matter who tell you what, remember that there are no rules when it comes to interior design, or creating your own living space. Often times when we think of an industrial, modern, or even a vintage interior design concept we think of white, minimalist and small. imaged and documented above holds none of those rules. With a large dress mannequin in the corner, multiple desk spaces, lamps and decor this holds zero minimalist rules, and can we talk about the fact that it is BLUE. There is no white to be seen, with the wooden floors and large windows this is an unique view on industrial interior design while still holding the concept. Time to to get creative!  


1. Big and bright windows bring in natural lighting so that you do not have to purchase extra furniture or rack up your electricity bill for a beautiful naturally lit eco friendly home and living environment
2. wood is recycled and was organically ethically sourced
3. leaves the home smelling fresh
4. Red, brown, green are natural colors that bring you a mix of a vintage feel with a modern industrial forest vibe
5. Squares, rectangles, and angles of all shapes and sizes leaves the room feeling organized and clean while maintain a calm chaos of work supplies and materials
6. Multiple colored carpet works in this situation because of the wood textures and mixed colors that it brings













Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Modern and Industrial Interior Decor Styled Mirrors For the Bathroom, Home, and Office

Modern and Industrial Interior Decor Styled Mirrors For the Bathroom, Home, and Office 


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Rectangular LED Lighted Mirror
  1. LED lighted mirror 
  2. Built in defoggers 
  3. Futuristic styled wall mounted mirror 
Mirrors! They are everywhere, that store, that gift shop, that restaurant, that home, that apartment, that studio, that office, that art museum,  That magical best friend that we look into each and every day, multiple times a day and even, sometimes, hours on end. Currently mirrors hold a lot of ground in our lives, our every day lives, our family lives, or selfies, we have multiples in our homes, our cars, in each bathroom that we enter and even popular current pop culture. In every single horror movie, the gore ones, the ghost ones, the evil ones, the crime, and spooky ones we all know that there is at least going to be one bathroom scene where we as the movie viewer can see the monster, yet the main character can not. We also have seen and grown up with Disney movies where the princess or price stares into a mirror to find out who they, what they are worth to play with their own hair or to even ask a question that will shape them for the rest of their lives! When we think of a mirror, we often see in our minds a blank slat. A simple associate in our lives. An object that does not need to be anything grand or species. Though with this kind of mind set we often we miss out on one of the biggest and largest opportunities that we have as a home owner, or someone who wants to remodel their homes. In this blog post on this website we will be looking at mirrors, their styles and what they can do to your life. Each and every single home and sometimes every room requires a mirror. When we think about it in depth mirrors are a huge part of our life. We use them multiple times a day and rely on them both in the mornings, night, mid day. They are our best friend before we even have our morning coffee! Let us not forget to seriously look into all types and styles of mirrors so that we can purchase the best one for your needs and home interior style.

Gatco® Tiara 27.5-Inch x 24.25-Inch Oval Framed Mirror in Bronze
Gatco® Tiara 27.5-Inch x 24.25-Inch Oval Framed Mirror in Bronze
  1. Oval shaped mirror 
  2. Movable angles 
  3.  Wall Mounted Mirror 

Often times we never take a moment to think or believe that a mirror can be another shape besides the most basic ones that we all know, grown up  with, love and imagine in our own heads after we hear the word "mirror", the square and rectangle shaped mirror is engraved into our brains, life, and we do not even notice it, are aware of the image or are aware of it. On this post and website I do my best to bring the readers a large and complex set of options to decorate your home interior with a styled goal aimed at vintage, industrial, or a modern inner city feel. A beautifully made handcrafted mirror that sets on a  wall with a pivot feature that can be adjusted to meet every angle that is comfortable to you and your abilities. With an oval shape this mirror will bring a sense of uniqueness to your living situation, this mirror will work in your  or any bathroom large and small. It will work in a guest room or next to your make up and morning stand. A spherical and decorative handmade ridged edged,  this mirror can be wall mounted. 

Gatco® Tiara 27.5-Inch x 24.25-Inch Oval Framed

 Mirror in Bronze Dimensions: 

 24.75" W x 27.5" H x 3.1"

Elegant Home Fashions Morries Wall Mirror 


Elegant Home Fashions Morries Wall Mirror Cabinet
  1. Simple And Elegant
  2. Home Storage Cabinet
  3. Sleek black finish that will add to any living interior environment 

Amanti Art Portico 34-Inch x 28-Inch Bathroom Mirror in Espresso

Amanti Art Portico 34-Inch x 28-Inch Bathroom Mirror in Espresso
  1. Dark Wood Grain
  2. Hangs horizontally or vertically
  3. Modern and Sleek