Industrial Living space

Industrial Living space
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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Industrial Interior Bedroom Design Options For Your New Bedroom: Four 

Industrial Interior Bedroom Design Options For Your New Bedroom: Four 

Modern Farmhouse Industrial Bar cart in Grey

Good morning! Good afternoon or good night I hope this finds you well,
So, here you are! Congratulations! You have been working so hard for your dream to come true! You are now ready to either purchase your first home, remodel your rented apartment, ready to sell your home and need inspiration on how to show it or now have the funds and mobile ability to redesign your living quarters the way that you have always wanted to.

You most likely have found this blog by searching for the keywords industrial design, or interior design, or maybe even just stumbled upon me by looking for rare and odd clocks. Either way, you hare here now and I am so proud of you to take the leap of faith and are choosing to redesign your home and living situations.

Remodelling your home or living environments can be stressful! The fun part was supposed to be picking out new interior decorations, yet sometimes and for some individuals that part is the hardest to deal with. With so many options, sizes, colours, price ranges and styles I can understand how one can be overwhelmed and overdone with all that there is still to do. I am here, and this blog was created to help you match your colour schemes, dreams, and abilities to your new bedroom. Remodelling CAN be stressful, but it does not need to be by taking the steps of which you have already done (work hard, save money, know your worth) and by being open-minded to shopping for new concepts your newly remodelled home will be soon finished!

Remodelling, moving, selling, and dreaming, can be a time-consuming task, you have already worked hard, done your research and now are looking into purchasing interior decor. Look around and pick up what you love! 

Verona Home Laughlin Industrial End Table in Black/Brown

This beautifully crafted brown and black end table is one of my favourite pieces in this collection. I love the height, the handmade look, and feel, the time-consuming emotions and feelings it will bring when left in a clean and industrial room. With its brown and black earth tones, it will match with multiple colours such as silver, grey, brown, white and off-white. It will bring the cold inner city feel with an artsy and home side. This end table captures clean lines that bring an understanding aesthetic a look that encompasses the industrial and rustic feel into any home. With a sturdy black frame, this end table will look perfect next to a wall, a bed, a sofa or entryway. This end table is a beautifully crafted moving art piece that will leave the guest with nothing but compliments

End Table Dimensions

28" D x 28" W x 25" H

Uttermost Duvall Task Lamp in Metal

Uttermost Duvall Task Lamp in Metal

A beautifully designed black desk lamp with a golden layer printed inside of the light bulb cover with a rope tied around the neck and base. This 10-pound lamp will last and not easily fall or break because of its weight. This industrial, vintage and even aquatic pirate themed lamp will fit in beautifully with your at home work desk, kitchen table or a low light for your bedroom while you sleep if you wish to not trip on midnight runs to the restroom! This lamp will not only blend in perfectly with your interior design dreams and goals but will receive compliments for years to come. The Uttermost Duvall Task lamp is designed to shock but calm the mind with a metal base and metal finish it will be a conversation piece and one that will never go out of style.

Desk Lamp Dimensions: 

Measures 28" H
Shade measures 7-1/4" diameter x 4-3/4" H
Cord measures 72" L

Oriental Weavers Kharma Area Rug in Red Multi

A multiple colored rug that featured unique textures with a homey, vintage, rustic feel. The reds, blacks, and browns mix together as if it was not meant to be, yet the floor rug design comes out wonderfully and artistically unique. This dark red floor rug is dark and warm enough to not shock the system or emotions, or change the room’s tone when placed in a room with industrial feels. When design or dreaming up a room scheme that is meant to feel and look industrial you want to look for and purchase items that are dark and cold, the warmer you get the more you stray away from the inner city industrial feel. Industrial looks are silver, white, black, wood, pine, metal and often vintage. In the case of the color red, it is rarely or used correctly. This rug’s textured blend into the background enough that it holds the vintage feel and it is a warm enough red tone to not overwhelm the color scheme but in fact enhance it. When working in a room with a lot of dark grey, glass, white, this rug will not only fit in and blend, but it will be the perfect conclusion for the living space.

Rug Dimensions:

7’10” X 11’ 

4’x 5’9” 
5’3”x 7’6”
7’6” Runner
6’7”x 9’1”

Southern Enterprises Dakota 6-Piece Numbered Hook Set

These handmade and unique wooden coat hooks bring a rustic and vintage feel to any individual themed interior design project. This large set of charming and darling coat hooks will be sure to capture the attention of any type of guest in your home environment. As guest love being pampered and spoiled when arriving at your home environment. Bringing a client to your home, away from your work environment will bring trust and love to your work flow. Having coat hooks will also allow you to leave your home environment peaceful, clean, edgy and will allow you to feel more at peace and less at chaotic mess when coming home from a long day at work. After all, that is what we are after! A clean, and calm feeling where you are able to clear your mind for the future. This set of coat hooks are small enough to fit into a micro-apartment or small studio condo in your entryway. These coat hooks are not plain enough to feel cold but are colorful enough and hold texture that is warm and welcoming. Hooks have individual numbers for an individual coat. No guest coat will ever be mistakenly taken again after the party or event!

Hook Dimensions:

Hook: 4.5" W x 2.5" D x 8.25" H
Wood Sign:  4.5" diameter

This website and blog was created with the intent to promote products, art pieces, collections and furniture that fit into the interior design of rural, rustic and industrial home and work environments. The themes within the art and furniture collections will blend into and work for these homes the pieces will fit into any lifestyle, homestyle, or price range. This blog will aid new homeowners, new apartment renters, landlords, home builders or people who show houses for a living. 

In this blog, you will find affiliate links, by clicking these links and purchasing items I am allowed to continue to showcase interior design work and collections for new homeowners or homeowners who are ready to remodel their homes. 

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