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Industrial Living space
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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Industrial Interior Design Bed Room One

Industrial Interior Design Bedroom Collection One: 

Red and black interior design industrial bedrooms. This collection of furniture and design is one of my favourites that I have put together for you because it is one that I would live in. I love the individual colours and how they blend into not only each and every piece within the collection, but with any other colours, you wish to mix and match into your new home or apartment. Red and black interior and decor give a vibe of elegance and class within your living investment, yet calm enough to not feel overwhelmed.

I have been told by many people in my life that the most important piece of furniture that you will ever purchase for your home or life is your bed. Which makes sense since the bed is where you will be spending up to 12 hours a day each day. I have also recently learned that 12 percent of the human population dreams in black and white! Who knew?

The Shay Queen Poster Bed 

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Shay Queen Poster Bed

What I love most about this bed frame is that the dark almost black manmade wood frame will be sure to bring out all of the colours of the home, the bedding, and walls of your bedroom. 

Bed Frame Dimensions:

Headboard panel Width: 53.31"
Headboard panel Depth: 1.89"
Headboard panel Height: 34.65"
Rail (2) Width: 62.28"
Rail (2) Depth: 84.02"
Rail (2) Height: 18.07"
Footboard Width: 64.61"
Footboard Depth: 6.06"
Footboard Height: 32.64"
Headboard posts Width: 7.17"
Headboard posts Depth: 6.06"
Headboard posts Height: 61.65"

Maribel Chest of Drawers

Maribel Chest Of Drawers

The Maribel Chest Of Drawers is deep enough that it will hold all of your clothes, accessories and even some of your most important items. The Maribel Chest Of Drawers in its almost black colouring will bring out any bright colours that you wish to include in your interior designs. The Maribel Chest Of Drawers is a must for a new homeowner, or for your new dream apartment! 

Drawer Dimensions:

                                                                      Width: 33.50"  
 Depth: 16.25"    
 Height: 54.00"
 Drawer interior (5) Width: 27.50"
 Drawer interior (5) Depth: 13.00"
 Drawer interior (5) Height: 6.50"

Daltori Nightstand

Daltori Night Stand

This modern and elegant light gray nightstand is simple enough to not bring an overwhelming amount of attention to itself within the bedroom but is beautiful enough to sit peacefully in your newly designed bedroom next to your new bed frame and mattress. The classy grey with the silver handle will open smoothly to allow you to hold your books or other accessories within the shelving system. The mid-century style one shelve nightstand is a must have for every industrial themed home. I love this modern and elegant nightstand for its 4 legs that hold itself up and it's perfect tall rectangular shape.

Daltori Nightstand Dimensions:

Width: 20.00"
Depth: 15.50"
Height: 24.50"
Drawer Interior Width: 16.75"
Drawer Interior Depth: 13.00"
Drawer Interior Height: 5.00"
Media opening Width: 18.50"
Media opening Depth: 15.50"
Media opening Height: 9.00"

Home Accents Harput 3' 11" x 5' 7" Area Rug

Home Accents Harput 3' 11" x 5' 7" Area Rug

In most industrial homes the colour schemes are often dull and rural, dark and plain. This rug that holds a vintage feel will bring enough colour to your new interior home design that will make your bedroom feel more like a home, and living space and less like a nine to five office job. This rug is one of my favourites and a must need for this collection of mostly back furniture. With the conversation piece of the rug, the bed frame and drawers will be a light fade into instead of a shock to the mind. 

Rug Dimensions: 

Width: 47.00"
Depth: 67.00"
Height: .50"

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